9: My life matters

Living connected to God changes EVERYTHING.
Even on the toughest days you’ll ever face…

You can still sync your life to the reality of Heaven.

Think about all that we’ve learned and experienced together: The burning, fiery glory of who God is. The radical expression of his wild, tender love for us. How Jesus risked EVERYTHING to rescue us, and then sent the Holy Spirit to empower our lives. All of that is your birthright as a Child of God.

As we get more deeply connected with who HE is … it resets and recalibrates the reality of who WE are.

YOU ARE a Child of God! That is true right now, and it’s going to keep on being true, no matter what. As you live in that great truth, and then start living out of it, what sort of life will fill you up and spill over onto the world around you?

Let’s reconsider what’s really important:

Do you have to be rich or famous to be significant?