Living In The YES!

We can all experience true intimacy with God; and His abiding presence changes our lives!

What do you do when you’re facing a NO in your life? Maybe it’s a lost job, a broken relationship, or a scary medical diagnosis.  Have you ever wondered: “Lord, where are you? Don’t you care what’s happening to me?” Yet even then, God is inviting all of us to live out of his glorious YES. The toughest moments we face can actually turn out to be the beginnings of our best times ever.

Living in the YES! follows the stories of ten ordinary people who met God in the most extraordinary ways. They all found out how to live in his YES, even in the middle of life’s scariest NO’s…and saw the walls around them start crumbling into dust. Come join them on the journey, and hear their stories of God’s amazing intimacy and love.

Does it feel like you’re drowning in difficulty? If so, take heart!
There is One who walks on water, and he loves making his children drownproof.

Laura is the mother of a formerly “autistic” son and a formerly “emotionally-disabled” daughter. She was healed from a debilitating brain injury. Her family has seen God perform one utterly astounding miracle after another. Yet she says that the greatest miracle was learning how to be connected to him, even in the middle of life’s troubles. She passionately believes that this sort of life is available to everyone.


God feels closer and accessible in a way I’ve never felt before. It’s an amazing breakthrough. Thank you!

–AZ, Schoolteacher