We can all experience true intimacy with God.

Jesus came to connect us to a whole new quality of life… real life, more and better than we’ve ever dreamed of . (John 10:10, MSG) Come live in the YES! Let’s explore and celebrate that wonderful reality.

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Visit eleven colorful locations: Each 2-3 minute videos will help you to see – and share – God’s love from a unique point of view.

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The YES! Book follows the stories of ten ordinary people who met GOD in extraordinary ways. They all found out how to live in his YES, right in the middle of life’s scariest NO’s. Come hear their stories of God’s amazing intimacy and love.

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Watch scriptures leap off the page, and even use your own hobbies to connect with God as 100+ full-color pages invite you deeper into your own encounters with him.

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About the author: Laura is the mother of a formerly “autistic” son and a formerly “emotionally-disabled” daughter. She was healed from a debilitating brain injury. Her family has seen God perform one utterly astounding miracle after another. Yet she says that the greatest miracle was learning how to be connected to him, even in the middle of life’s troubles. She passionately believes that this sort of life is available to everyone.


God feels closer and accessible in a way I’ve never felt before. It’s an amazing breakthrough. Thank you!

–AZ, Schoolteacher