What People Are Saying

Living in the Yes is much more than a well-written Christian book. It is an invitation into an encounter with the goodness of God, one that calls you by name into a family and empowers you to live in the full measure of life that He has for you. –Jeremy Springer, Pastor, Arise Birmingham

Laura Boal shares her story and those of others overcoming their physical and emotional Goliaths. Then she hands you the stones you’ll need to overcome your own. This book empowers, edifies and encourages, calling each of us closer to Jesus.  –Rev. Kevin Lyons, M.Div.

Living in the YES has one goal: helping you to feel breath­tak­ingly close to the Father—as though you’re sitting in the very lap of God. –CB, student

Love, love, love this!! It feels like I’m having coffee with a friend. You’re sharing my issues and then walking together with me, out of the problem and into the answer. –CD, Homemaker

The Person she’s really introducing is Jesus. –SB, IT Professional

God feels closer and accessible in a way I’ve never felt before. It’s an amazing breakthrough. Thank you! –AZ, Schoolteacher

For the last six years I have suffered from anxiety and massive panic attacks. Then I was introduced to Living in the YES. Things are different because of how I’m connecting to God, and my sickness is gone! –KF, Shipping Manager

Read this book if you dare, but be warned: after you read it, you won’t be the same. Thank you for making Jesus tangible in a way that is easily digestible, tasty to the tongue, and overwhelmingly powerful. –KT, Entrepreneur

I have known the author for over twenty years. She really is that excited about knowing God and being known by Him. Anyone who reads her book or hears her speak will be drawn into a better, deeper, more real connection with the Lord. –JO, Massage Therapist

“Living in the Yes” guides us on a journey into the love of God, and reveals our true identity as His sons and daughters. I have enjoyed stepping into the exciting adventures recorded here, and into a deeper connection with the One who loves me most. CB

I feel such overwhelming kindness and generosity coming through every page.  Now I can see what it looks like when someone IS living in the YES, and I’m asking God for more. –MM, Attorney