What is the “YES”?

“Living in the YES” is so much more than a collection of stories. It’s a movement. We believe that God passionately loves every single one of his children, and he wants to write on the pages of your life, too.

“This isn’t a twelve-step program,” Laura says. “I don’t have seven things you need to do to improve your life. There’s really only one thing I can tell you, and it’s the one thing that can rock your world.”

That one thing is being connected to the Presence of God.

“You, too, can truly know him, and that changes everything. How will he answer you, or when? That I don’t know. But I do know that God loves you. You can experience real life, more and better life than you ever thought possible! Even while things around you are still a mess.”

God paid an unimaginable price… so that he could buy you an all-access pass to a life of wonder.

God sees YOUR face. He hears YOUR voice. He loves YOU.
He’s inviting YOU to live in his glorious YES!

And when you know the God of the Impossible…
well, you never know what’s going to happen next.