Take a Look Inside

What do you do when everything goes wrong in your world?
That’s when you realize how much you need God’s YES!

Join us and meet these amazing people:

Jo was always busy, happy, and involved in whatever was going on. Then a medical crisis left her bedridden and helpless… and she actually died in a foreign hospital. (Spoiler alert: she’s still here to tell her story.) Like Jo, “before,” have you ever wondered: What is God really like?

Ian’s world came crashing down when his wife died unexpectedly in childbirth. He wanted to know: God, are you still good, even when life feels bad?

Rachel had reached a breaking point, trying to do good things so that she could please God. She asked: Can we ever do enough good to be good enough?

Adopted by a new family, Ellen couldn’t be sure whether they were safe, or what they really wanted from her. What about us? Is God calling us to be family servants, or inviting us to be family members?

Vijay was a church leader with a secret life: he was a porn addict. He was desperate to break free. This was his question: Will we be defined by our mistakes and shortcomings forever?

Karen was smart and successful, but the abuse she’d suffered as a child had left her broken inside. Nothing seemed to really keep the pain at bay. Can we ever find a way to be real and whole, so we can live as our true selves?

Melissa felt helpless as she watched her daughter curled up on the floor, screaming and writhing in misery. The doctors couldn’t do much to help. Can we find a connection to real breakthrough and power?

Mario and Marlene were trapped in a third-world country, deeply in debt and penniless. “God, do you even hear me praying?” Marlene wondered. Do we have to be rich or famous to be significant?

Laura’s world came crashing down because of a traumatic brain injury. Anything approaching a “normal life” left her totally disabled, and nearly everything that made her, “her,” was gone. Even in the middle of impossible circumstances, can we find a real link to true peace, joy, and happiness?

Peter and Anne were active church members who later described themselves as “unbelieving believers.” Of course they thought the Bible was true, thousands of years ago. They just never expected it to start coming to life in them… until it did.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

Can you find access to a life like that?
Every one of these new friends will give you the same resounding answer:


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