YES! Encounter Guide

YOU can live connected to GOD.

  • What if God blew the lid off the box and started walking down the street with you, wherever you went?
  • What if you started walking in empowered love, peace, and joy … even when you’re facing difficult circumstances?
  • What if the people around you felt like they were seen, heard, known, and valued … simply because YOU were there?
  • What if God’s will started breaking out all around you?

If you like the sound of that, then the YES! Encounter Guide was written for you.

You see, you are so much more than God’s trusted servant: you are his much-loved child.
You’re meant to live connected to him.

The new Living in the YES! Encounter Guide invites you to dive right in and explore that connection for yourself. And you can choose you level of involvement: whether you want to just skim the surface or go all-out for God, there’s something here for you. God loves you and he is present, right here and right now, ready to infuse your “real life” with HIS real life.

  • Enjoy themed music playlists
  • Choose your favorite activities
  • Engage with thought-provoking questions
  • Watch words and pictures leap off the page
  • Extend your experience with free online bonus content

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