Book Club Leader’s Guide

Connect with friends over great stories and great ideas.
Then watch people’s hearts open up, as God’s love becomes more tangible and real.

Living in the YES! is fun to dive into. Whether you’re an experienced group leader or you’ve never done this before, you can really enjoy sharing it with friends. Here’s a quick guide with all you need to know.

  1. Decide on a place and time. Will this group meet online or in person? Zoom, Facebook Hangouts, conference calls – there are a ton of platforms to choose from, or you can meet at a home, coffee shop, or park.
  2. Send out invitations. You can start with our form [CLICK HERE] or write your own. Fill in the details, then send by text, facebook messenger, InstaChat, or email. Follow up with a phone call if you can.
  3. Run a test meeting.
    *With an online platform, make sure everyone can log on.
    *Tell people about YES & answer questions.
    *Explain how this study is different; it’s not only meant to touch your mind, but to go deeper and touch your heart. Music, engagement activities, and other resources are there to help make that happen.
    *Invite people to be real and authentic, and encourage each other.
    *Make sure everyone has a book.
    *Find out how people prefer to be contacted – text, email, etc.
  4. The morning after each meeting, send the next invite.
    *Copy the starter question printed at the top of the post
    *Post your next meeting date/time
    *Then add the link above. That gives everyone access to starter content, relevant music, and engagement activities.
  5. Run your meeting. Welcome everyone, and give them time to talk about what came alive for them this week. If you have time, end with a chance to chat and then pray for each other.
    BONUS CONTENT IS COMING SOON: Free five minute videos for each chapter; and eventually, an optional paid subscription with longer videos.
  6. WRAP UP CELEBRATION: Consider planning a party at the end, so people can talk about what this experience has meant for them personally.
    *Invite the group to share something they respect or value about each person, so that everyone walks away with a sense of significance.
    *Invite people to consider running a new group of their own.

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