God is up to something!

I’m so passionate about Living in the YES! that I try to hold back a bit, so I don’t freak people out. But it turns out that a lot of our readers are really passionate, too. I’m starting to suspect that God may be up to something.

This weekend, you see, we hosted a little online party. We invited the couple dozen people who have read the book all the way through. They’re telling me how much Living in the YES! speaks them; and they are a very diverse group. Men, women, young, old, rich, poor, different ethnic backgrounds. People who feel like they have everything going for them, and people who feel like they’ve had everything piled on top of them. As a writer, it’s kind of a goal if you can move the needle for a single group of readers. But to write something that speaks to such a diverse audience? That’s a different thing entirely; and that moves me.

You see, I have been so many different people. I’ve been the one who’s on top of the world. I also know what it’s like when the bottom drops out of your world. When you’re told, again and again, that there is no hope. When people’s eyes slide past you, as they sail by and pretend tghat they didn’t see you.

Best of all, I know what it’s like to be laid out, face-down on the floor of the church, crying my eyes out because I am so blown away at what God just did. (Mama really tried to make me a proper Southern lady, and I can hear her now: “Laura! Stop making a scene!” But you try experiencing what I have; I dare you. God’s Presence is so overwhelming. I care a lot more about his opinion than yours.)

Now, other people are experiencing what I know: that living connected to God is better than living any other way. And our connection to him can be strong.

What about you? Do you feel invisible, or invincible? Either way, you should look up! God is reaching out to you right now, and he has plans you haven’t even dreamed of yet.

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