By Leif Hetland

Founder and President, Global Mission Awareness

Author of Called to Reign and Giant Slayers

There is room for you at the Father’s table, and there’s room for you in his great heart. That is the central message of this powerful new book by Laura Boal. In it, she shares her own story, and many other stories as well. She and her contributors talk very honestly about the real problems they faced, and the reasons why they once kept God at a distance. Then they tell us how truly knowing him has transformed their lives. They show us what real intimacy with God looks like, and how it changes us.

The truth she shares is simple, yet profound. It goes beyond mere intellectual curiosity and draws us in at a deeper level. Scriptures leap off the page and come to life, touching us with the living Presence of God. We see prayer as something that happens when our hearts connect with our good Father, so that we can receive his bountiful love. These are not “disciplines.” They are delights. They are the product of intimacy, and the birthright of every believer.

Because of what Jesus did, we get to be so much more than God’s faithful servants. Instead, we can know what it’s like to be his very own, much-loved children; and he wants no child to be left behind. As his children, we get to experience his faithfulness, goodness, kindness, and love, even in the most difficult of circumstances. That is what Laura calls “Living in the YES.”

Laura learned these truths over many years, while she was dealing with great difficulties. Her pastor is my good friend, and as it hap­pens, I was there in her church on the day when she shared the amazing story of how God had just healed her completely. I saw every­one come to their feet with a roar because they were so over­whelmed with what God had done. It was such a beautiful display of his nature.

Join me now in listening to her story of intimacy and love, poured out all over her again and again, straight from the heart of God. As you read this book I think you will find, as I did, the Father’s heart made plain. I think you will feel his transforming love. As she says, these gifts aren’t just for her. They are for all of us. There’s just one thing left to say: Welcome to the YES!