Dr. Brian Simmons – Interview

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2020 – Dr. Brian Simmons joined Laura and Cindy on Facebook to talk about experiencing the living Word of God. Check it out:

Dr. Simmons says, “What sparked the revival in our village was when I went to every single hut and acknowledged that I had not been the ‘missionary of love’ that I had been sent to be. ‘Forgive me and let’s start afresh, and I want to teach you God’s trail.’ That’s the way they described it; God’s trail. With weeping and tears, virtually the whole village ended up coming to know the Lord. The witch doctor; people who had multiple demonic issues; everyone in the village experienced the divine Presence of God. It was just tremendous. In spite of me, I want to say; in spite of me.

“God told me, ‘I didn’t bring you to this village to change the village. I brought you to the village to change you.’ “

“We want the world to change, and the Lord wants us to change. We want the church to change, and God wants us to change. That’s what revival is; it’s a personal encounter. It’s a personal experience of coming to the end, and realizing God is enough. God plus nothing equals all I need.”

Transformation is what happens as God’s living Word and His Spirit, working together, saturate our hearts with his love. As that happens again and again, we start being changed from the inside out, until finally, this becomes true:

“You are living letters written by Christ.”
– 2 Corinthians 3:3, Passion Translation

God loves you so much! He not only wants to come for you; he wants to BE with you. He truly does want to “do life” together with you from now on.
That’s when God’s glory really will be revealed. First, he’ll reveal it to you, so that you’re awestruck by the magnitude and wonder of it all. Then, as time you’ve spent with him transforms you, he’ll start revealing his glory through you. Just like Mario, you’ll become God’s “living love letter” to the world, written not in ink but in the human spirit.
As we’ve said before, that truly is the adventure of a lifetime.

-Excerpted from Living in the YES! Page 207

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