Have you gotten weary,
trying to do life on your own?

Watch what happens when God turns on the power.

You ARE God’s beloved child! You were made to live connected to him. True salvation, total forgiveness, the great gift of his righteous inner nature: he has put all the pieces in place, so that he can restore the deep, heart-connection between God and man.

Then he turns on the power, and you start getting supercharged.

When you learn how to live connected to God, it’s like being a light bulb that just got lit up for the first time. This week, we’re going to talk about getting plugged into the power.

God loves you so much. What is his invitation to you right now? I can’t wait to find out!


ENJOY this week’s playlist on YouTube.

READ the chapter early in the week, and ask God what he wants to say to you.

THEN ENGAGE. DO AT LEAST ONE of the following:

STRING CHRISTMAS LIGHTS around your room, patio, or garden. Enjoy planning how to set them up, and imagining what they will look like when you turn them on. Then wait for a dark night, and light them up! (Alternative: arrange candles on a table, or mix tiny battery-powered fairy lights with ornaments for a table centerpiece.)

JOURNAL. Imagine you’re a light fixture in the Museum of Modern Lighting. Are you a tiny nightlight, a lamp, or a massive chandelier? How has it felt, comparing yourself to other lights which are bigger or smaller than you? How does that change when Someone comes to light you up? Then apply that imagery to your own life.

SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES. Does your religious tradition welcome the Holy Spirit, or not? Read prayerfully through the Scriptures mentioned in the chapter, and ask God to help you see things from his perspective.

PRAY. Some people aren’t sure about asking the Holy Spirit to come, but in the book of Acts, believers asked him to come again and again. If you know him well: Put on worship music in a quiet place – OR take a walk in the park – and ask him to come. If you don’t know him well, or you’re not sure: Tell him why you’re afraid or what you don’t understand, and ask for his help. Apologize, if you think you need to. When you’re ready, go back to Choice 1 (“if you know him well.”)

I hope God knocks your socks off this week, as we invite him to come and get more involved with all of us.

Come get connected to the power!

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