God’s love for us is SOOO big…
And there’s even more to his great plan.

What if the life that flows from God started flowing into you?

Hi there! Isn’t it wonderful? God breaks the power of that which is breaking us. He really does want us to live in wholeness and freedom. But that’s only the beginning! The Bible says that God is reproducing his nature within us. WE obviously can’t do that; only HE can.

What if the life that flows from God started flowing into you?

God intends to fill you up with his life-giving nature and his Presence. How is that going to change you? How will it affect the world around you? I’m praying that you will discover a shift this week in your prayers, your expectations, and your experience of life.


ENJOY this week’s playlist on YouTube.

READ the chapter early in the week and ask God what’s on his heart for you.

ENGAGE: Choose at least one of the following:

IMAGINE you’re part of the great crowd in Heaven, breathlessly waiting for Jesus to cleanse the stain from the Mercy Seat. What would you see, what would you feel, what would you hear, what would you do? Ask yourself: What is God feeling? Why would he risk everything to make this possible? What is going to be different now?

DRAW, PAINT, OR GARDEN. Can you picture a vase of flowers that are full of life because they’re connected to deep roots?

PRAY. Ask the Lord what you’re depending on that cannot generate life. How can you become more connected to him in this area? Is there a Bible promise you can call down into your present reality?  

JOURNAL. What would it be like to experience God’s Presence, his power, and his life flowing through the life you’re living?

I hope you enjoy your week, as you reply to God’s invitation…

Discover the joy of living as your true self!

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