It wasn’t my fault.
It WAS my fault.

What if God was able to step in and break the power of that which is breaking you?

Hey! How was last week? I hope you’re still celebrating the fact that, when you come into the Father’s house, you’re coming home. You belong here! But then comes the big test. What happens in Father’s house if you track mud in on your shoes… or break a window … or do something much, much worse? This week, we’re talking about forgiveness. Most of us haven’t yet begun to imagine the full scope, the majesty and mystery and raw power of what Jesus did.

You truly do have a Father who loves you, and a big brother who stepped in on your behalf. The Holy Spirit is with you RIGHT NOW, ready to open the door to whole new kind of life.


ENJOY the Chapter 6 Playlist on YouTube.

THEN ENGAGE. DO AT LEAST ONE of the following:

JOURNAL about what forgiveness truly means, and how your understanding of it has changed.

PRAY: What awful weight are you carrying? See yourself bringing it to the Lord. Hand it over to him, and then ask him what he wants to give you instead.

TAKE A WALK OUTSIDE. Imagine God as a vintner, checking on his precious vines and cleaning off the mud so they can be fruitful. Ask him: is there anything he wants to wash off of you right now? Are you like a vine that’s carrying too many grapes (trying to do too much to do anything well)? How does he want to make you even more fruitful? See yourself greening up and growing as you bask in the sunlight of his glory and love.

IMAGINE: As you stand in the shower, see yourself standing under the waterfall of God’s grace. Feel the joy of being fully clean and fully connected to him.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you’ve been snared by something truly destructive like an addiction, admit the truth and start searching for help. Take heart; God’s doesn’t want to shame you, he wants to heal you and set you free.

Enjoy your week as we explore this essential question:

Will we be defined by our mistakes and shortcomings forever?

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