We all know what it feels like to wonder:
Do I really belong here?

Come into the Father’s House … and find out what it feels like to truly come home.

Hello! It’s Week 5 and this week, we’re really getting into the heart of things. Does God merely see you as a faithful servant, or has he actually made his beloved child? When that answer comes alive for you, as it did for Ellen, everything changes.

This week’s story is very personal for me (Laura). As you read the chapter, I think you’ll see why. I hope it feels personal and real for you, too.


ENJOY this week’s playlist on YouTube.

READ the chapter early in the week. Ask God to speak to your heart about your belonging in his family.

THEN ENGAGE. DO AT LEAST ONE of the following:

MAKE COOKIES AND LAUGH WITH A FRIEND. As you enjoy spending time together, think about the fact that God enjoys spending time with you.

IMAGINE. Laura remembers walking into the courtroom in Russia and declaring before a judge that she would protect, defend, and love her new teenager, no matter what. Can you imagine that scene? But this time, imagine that YOU are the child. Then imagine God, stepping down from the bench, looking into your eyes with love, and making that sort of declaration over you.

JOURNAL. What time or place in this world has given you the feeling that you truly belonged there? What made it special? Write about that. Then apply that feeling to belonging in God’s household. It’s not so much an earthly place, but belonging and being at home in his Presence.

PRAY. If you and God are close: In your mind’s eye, kick your shoes off, climb up into his lap and soak in his love. (Worship music – or a fuzzy blanket – may help.) If you’re distant, or you’re not sure: Tell God what people said that made you feel like an outsider in his Presence. Ask him to comfort you, and to reassure you that you belong here. Then follow the Prayer Prompt above (“If you and God are close”).

I hope you enjoy your week, as we bask in this magnificent reality:

Is God calling you to be a family servant, or inviting you to be a family member?

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