A cell phone “dead zone”
means spotty reception & dropped calls.
It’s not like that with God.

What if you KNEW that your connection to God was always going to be real and secure?

Aren’t you glad to find out that God isn’t mad at you? I’m still dancing over that one! And the Good News only gets better from there. You see, most world religions focus on our trying to be “good enough” for God, but that’s quite a problem. Human goodness is such a pale and puny thing.

That’s why God stepped in and did what we could never do. HE filled our “goodness gap.” He created a secure connection between us and himself, so that he could fill us with HIS life and HIS goodness. He’s the One who built that; he maintains it. All we can do is say “YES” to him. As his abiding love and his life-giving goodness flood into our hearts, we become changed.


ENJOY the Chapter 4 Playlist on YouTube.

READ Chapter 4 early in the week, and ask God to give you a personal revelation of his great love for you.

THEN ENGAGE. DO AT LEAST ONE of the following:

COOK SOMETHING FRAGRANT. Melt butter in a skillet. Add cinnamon and apple slices, and sauté them till they are tender. (As an alternative, cook any other fragrant dish.) As the inviting aroma fills your place, think about how the glory of God’s Presence would fill any place, and how it would draw you in. BONUS: Enjoy eating your dish!

JOURNAL. Reread “Jesus bridges the gap” on Page 74. Then imagine you’re the Apostle Paul, who was a former Pharisee. Write a letter to your favorite first cousin, explaining how everything you understand about reality changed when you met Jesus.

PRAY. Have you ever tried to be “good enough” to earn God’s approval? Tell God how sorry you are, because this is something which you simply cannot do. Thank him for the massive gift of Jesus’ sacrifice, and ask him to connect you more deeply with himself.

IMAGINE: Prayerfully read The Snake in the Garden (60), Watching From the Sidelines (79), Storming the Gates of Hell (81), God’s Daring Plan (128). Think about all that God did FOR YOU. Ask him to give you a personal revelation of his love.

Feel the weight rolling off your shoulders as we find out:

Can we ever do enough good to be “good enough?”

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