Encounter #3: HE ISN’T MAD AT ME

This world isn’t a perfect place.
Sometimes, things just go wrong.
Knowing what to do next changes everything.

What if you KNEW that God was RIGHT THERE, ready to heal you, help you, and walk with you?

Did you enjoy last week? I’m still celebrating the wonder of knowing what God is really like. I hope you are, too!

But what do you do when things in your life go wrong? That’s when some people will tell you that God is angry, and he’s bound to be punishing you for something; but they’re mistaken. In John 10:10, Jesus makes it very clear: “The Thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy. I came that they might have life.”

If you’ve been wounded by life, God knows what that feels like for you, and he cares. Let’s untangle some of the confusion, so we can get you really connected to the One who knows you best and loves you most.


ENJOY the Chapter 3 Playlist on YouTube.

READ Chapter 3 early in the week.

THEN ENGAGE. DO AT LEAST ONE of the following:

PRAY. Think about Jesus being “moved with compassion.” Does idea that make perfect sense, or is it new for you? Either way, talk to God about it. Then think about an issue that is weighing you down right now. Tell him all about it. Ask him for his help and comfort. Be on the lookout for his answer!

JOURNAL. Read Luke 13:10-17. The Pharisees would have thought that this woman’s illness was God’s judgment upon her; but God felt and acted very differently. Describe the scene as if you had been there. What did God really want for this lady? What does he want for you?

DRAW OR PAINT. We all love the mountaintop moments in life, but God also meets us in the valleys. Ask him to give you a picture of that.

COOK. Think about someone in your life who’s going through a tough time right now. Take them a meal – or take their kids to the park – or just go over with a movie and popcorn. DO NOT GIVE THEM ADVICE! Just tell them that you care. Plan B: choose an older person, a single person, or just a friend whom you value.

I hope you enjoy your week, as we get real and ask:

Is God still good, even when life feels bad?

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