Encounter #10: WHEN WE LIVE IN THE YES!

And finally, God’s great plan comes to light:
YOU have become the place where God dwells.

WE are changed – and the world around us is changed – when we learn how to live in God’s great YES.

Imagine with me that you’re seeing a map of the country where you live. It’s dark all around, and you can only perceive the barest outlines of things. But then beams of pure light start shooting down from Heaven, igniting one small point after another until the whole map starts to glow with magnificent beauty.

If we could all see with spiritual eyes, that would probably be a pretty accurate representation. “You are God’s temple, and his Spirit dwells in you,” the Bible declares in 1 Corinthians 3:16. God is inviting YOU to become a living bridge, so that his Presence touches the world through you. (Obviously, he’s the One who does that. You may not even realize when it’s happening.)

You may be imperfect, and the people around you will be, too. Yet God’s glory can still be revealed, and his nature can still become a relational reality in your life. Come accept his invitation to “do life” together with him!


MAKE A TREE for yourself or for a friend, using a bare tree branch, aluminum wire, cardboard, or any other material. Ask God for words that show how you (or your friend) reveal his nature – Kind, Joyful, Friendly, Patient, Wise, and the like. Cut leaves out of paper and write each word on a leaf. Attach them to the tree using tape or florist’s wire. Let this be a joyful reminder: This is how God sees me.

STAINED GLASS is an interactive medium which only reveals its true beauty when light from another source shines through. Use glass paints to create a design on glass or clear plastic, and hang it in your window. (You can find directions for this on the Internet.) Every day, as sunlight shines through your creation, remember: I am God’s creation, and he is revealing himself through me!

JOURNAL. Write a letter to yourself. Remember what you thought about God, and what you thought about yourself, before you began this study. What has changed? Then ask God to help you write a letter from himself to you. What would he like to say to you right now? How does he feel about you? What is his invitation to you, going forward?

PRAY. How has your understanding of God changed over the last ten weeks? What would you like to say to him right now?

Let’s celebrate all that God is doing:

What in the world is going to happen when all of this great truth becomes alive IN YOU?

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