Does it feel like you’re on top of the world today…
Or does it feel like the world just fell on top of you?
Either way, I have good news:

You were made for more.

You were made to connect with the ultimate power source in the Universe: GOD. He’s real, he’s good, and he loves you. He paid a massive price, so that he can give you full access to a life of wonder.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be exploring God’s goodness together. It’s going to be an adventure! GOD knows you completely. He loves you with his whole heart – and he’s inviting you to know and love him with all of yours. Will you join us?


ENJOY the Week 1 Playlist on YouTube.
(NOTE: This is music that speaks to me, Laura. If different music helps you connect to God, then by all means listen to that music.)

READ Chapter 1 early in the week. If your copy of the book hasn’t arrived yet, you can download Chapter 1 from the Resources page on this website.

THEN ENGAGE. DO AT LEAST ONE of the following:

GO FOR A WALK and think about this: On Page 9, the book talks about a group of people climbing up a mountain. Imagine you’re with them. Which scene best describes your life right now: are you on the sunny path, in the rainstorm, scaling the cliff, or atop the summit? If God actually came to be with you, right where you are, what might that look like? How would it feel? Talk to God about it.

COOK YOUR FAVORITE MEAL. Be very intentional as you collect all the ingredients and perform all the steps. What special seasonings make this dish lovely for you? As you cook, think about how your life is like that. What elements blend together to make up your life? Then ask God: What special things has he put inside of your heart, which make you lovely to him? Alternate: order takeout and journal about these questions.

PRAY. If you and God are already close, talk to him about what that kind of intimacy means to you. Then ask him how he wants to breathe life into you right now. If you feel distant from God, or you’re not sure: Start a conversation with him about getting to know him better. Are you open to that? If it’s scary, but you’re willing to try, tell him about that, too. He’ll understand.

I hope you enjoy your week, as we begin our great journey of discovery!

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