Book Club

How about inviting friends to read Living in the YES! with you? Here’s the plan: read one chapter a week for ten weeks, then get together and talk about it! We’re developing great resources to support you. Email me: and I’ll get you in on the beta test for groups.

For now, here’s an invitation. Copy and paste it into your email, IM, or Facebook Messenger. Then add your own details, and you’re good to go.

Hey! Would you join me in a book club?

We’ll be reading Living in the YES!  It’s something more than a book – it’s an experience. Over ten weeks, we’ll hear ten amazing true-life stories. We’ll see how God connected with real, everyday people, right in the middle of their mess. Then we’ll talk about how we can all know Him better for ourselves. People who read it are saying things like, “God feels closer and accessible” … “I feel such kindness and generosity” … “After you read it, you won’t be the same.” This is the book for our times. Whether your life is fear-filled right now, or fantastic, God really does have more for all of us. Let’s get together and see what He has in store.

Hear the story and preview the first chapter: [CLICK HERE]

Buy the book on Amazon: [CLICK HERE]

Here’s the info:
(SHARE YOUR DETAILS: zoom or in person; date; time; place; or, check in with me and we’ll make a plan!)

What do you think? I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

I’ll be looking forward to hearing the feedback from your book club. And you’ll be blessing even more people, because your questions, experiences, & feedback will be used when I publish the YES! Encounter Guide.

Thanks for taking part in something great! -Laura

See Video – Intro (session 0)