Encounter #2: GOD IS TRULY GOOD

What is God really like?
That’s where our adventure begins.

What if God actually stepped into the room with you right now?

How would you feel: Overwhelmed? Terrified? Or incredibly loved? (Maybe all three.) But I know one thing you absolutely would NOT feel: indifferent. That would NOT be a dry, dusty, “academic” sort of experience. There would be no hiding, no excuses, and no turning away from the fiery, burning Presence of God. All that you are would be drawn to all of him.

If all you’ve ever known is dry, dusty religion, it’s time to come in from the cold. Lay aside your unanswered questions for the moment. (Don’t worry. We’ll get back to them, I promise.) For now, just come with me and get to know the One who holds the Universe in the palm of his hand.

Don’t be satisfied with hearing what someone else has told you “about” God. Instead, come and get to know him – really know him – for yourself. To know God is to exist in a state of wonder. We’re completely overwhelmed by his glorious power, splendor, and majesty. Yet at the same time, he reaches out to each of us with such intimate, tender, personal love!

Enjoy your week as we explore our first, most important question:

What is God really like?

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