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Book Club Leader’s Guide

Connect with friends over great stories and great ideas.
Then watch people’s hearts open up, as God’s love becomes more tangible and real.

Living in the YES! is fun to dive into. Whether you’re an experienced group leader or you’ve never done this before, you can really enjoy sharing it with friends. Here’s a quick guide with all you need to know.

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YES! Book Club Invitation

Would you enjoy sharing YES with a group of friends? Click “MORE” below to copy our quick invitation. Fill in your info, then text or email … and you’re ready to go!

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BOOK CLUBS are going live!

Are you a friend of the YES? More and more people are finding common ground right here, as they celebrate the joy and wonder of experiencing real intimacy with God.

How about sharing that with your friends?

All it takes to start a book club is inviting a few folks along for the journey. You’ll find all the resources right here: Invitations, setup plans, and plans for each week. Whether you want to meet in person or virtually, YES can help you make it happen.

Dr. Brian Simmons – Interview

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2020 – Dr. Brian Simmons joined Laura and Cindy on Facebook to talk about experiencing the living Word of God. Check it out:

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Dr. Brian Simmons is joining us on Facebook!

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17th @ 8:00 PM (EASTERN) – DR. BRIAN SIMMONS, author of The Passion Translation, joins Laura & Friends on Facebook.

If you were taught to think of Bible study as a spiritual “discipline,” it’s time to think differently! The Word of God is actually spiritual superfood. It will awaken you, build you up, strengthen and empower you. Come join in as we talk about how to unlock the massive power of the Word of God in our own lives. Hosted by Cindy Herzog.

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Book club!

How about inviting friends to read Living in the YES! with you? Here’s the plan: read one chapter a week for ten weeks, then get together and talk about it! We’re developing great resources to support you. Email me: and I’ll get you in on the beta test for groups.

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We are one race.

We are one race: HUMAN.
We have one God: He loves us ALL.
Why waste time, looking
At the color of someone’s skin,
When you can see, instead,
The color of their heart?
We’re so much better together
Than we are apart.
-Laura Boal

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What does it mean, anyway?

“I’m living in the YES!”
What does that even mean?

First off: it does NOT mean that everyone says “Yes” to you. You won’t always get your way, nor will everything always go your way. Instead, it means something that’s bigger, better, and far more wonderful.

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God is up to something!

I’m so passionate about Living in the YES! that I try to hold back a bit, so I don’t freak people out. But it turns out that a lot of our readers are really passionate, too. I’m starting to suspect that God may be up to something.

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Launch Celebration – Join us!

Dear Friends,

It seems like God is doing something kinda big right now, and I’m asking for your help. 

If you’re getting this letter, you already know my backstory. About three years ago, the Lord told me to write a book about how we can all be more deeply connected to him. Even in our worst moments and toughest challenges, we can experience spiritual CPR:


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